We, the TKD.

With the founding of TKD, we fulfilled a shared vision. The idea was to combine our extensive experience in the B2C mobile phone business with our existing knowledge of the B2B sector. Through conversations with long-standing customers, we quickly recognized the daily challenges and issues faced by business customers in various segments.

Perfecting “customer-specific solutions for the B2B sector” has been our goal ever since and remains so to this day.

Our initial motto “Just use. We care!” marked the beginning of an exciting journey. Long-term shop employees immediately jumped on board and have been the cornerstone of our steadily growing team to this day. The transition from start-up to established mid-sized company was seamless and easily accomplished with good partners and loyal customers.

Today, TKD supports its customers with more than 100 employees. Our services range from mobile lifecycle management and smartphone rental to B2B tariff management and the latest software-as-a-service solutions in device management, with interfaces to the most common enterprise systems.

As a leading mobile service provider, TKD is now able to present the right solution for any type of company in contract and hardware management. In summary, we are more than proud of how TKD has developed, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been and continues to be a part of our story.

The partners of TKD,
Oliver Torlée and Ulrich Winkler



Foundation of TKD by Ulrich Winkler and Oliver Torlèe.

TKD is growing.

Hiring new and experienced employees from the telecommunications industry.


Relocation to a modern open-plan office in Düsseldorf.


Expansion of the company to over 30 employees.

First major customer

The first customer with over 5000 mobile devices has been acquired. Significant partnerships with national and international carriers are forming.

Revenue growth

An annual revenue growth of 18% - 24% is achieved. Employee growth surpasses 50 staff members.

Remote work

Successful setup of remote workplaces for all employees.

Fusion TKM

Merger with TKM - The 360° solution in telecommunications

TKD.360 DataControl

Introduction of the in-house Software as a Service platform, TKD.360 DataControl.

Extended certification round

ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and EcoVadis Platinum – Top 1%