Managed Mobility

The digitization of tariff and carrier management

Managed Mobility is our promise – we streamline contract management, freeing you from cumbersome hotlines and waiting times. We manage all aspects of your tariff world for our business customers amidst the complexity of tariff and option variety from different carriers.

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    Managed Mobility

    We simplify contract management and
    free you from cumbersome hotlines.

    The benefits of Managed Mobility

    Free from cumbersome hotlines

    Dedicated contacts and service portal TKD.360 DataControl.

    Prompt handling of all inquiries

    Tariff, contract, and invoice processing – order with just one click.

    Reporting and Controlling

    Through continuous review of your tariff landscape including optimization suggestions.

    Administration via Self-Service-Portal

    TKD.360 DataControl – One system for all contracts and tariffs.

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    TKD.360 DataControl

    With TKD.360 DataControl, we enable you to manage your assets digitally and sustainably. This state-of-the-art asset management system, integrated into your IT infrastructure, creates transparency, facilitates easy management, and allows you to commission essential asset actions simply and effectively.

    TKD.360 DataControl

    With TKD.360 DataControl, we enable you to manage your assets digitally and sustainably.

    30-day trial of TKD360 DataControl: Efficiently Manage Your mobile Device fleet.

    Discover the future of data management with our 30-day trial of TKD360 DataControl!

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    – Gain full visibility into device fleets
    – Manage onboarding and offboarding processes
    – Access the self-service center

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