Device as a Service – The advantages of smartphone rental

Device as a Service – The advantages of smartphone rental

Today, smartphones are part of your employees’ daily work. However, the smartphone is no longer only used for making phone calls. The demands increase with the innovations of technology. Reading e-mails, sending contracts, optimizing and loading presentations, as well as video conferencing are already part of daily business and are considered the basis of internal and external communication of a successful company.

Would you like to meet the demands of digitalization and equip your employees with company cell phones, but the investment in a smartphone fleet is too high for you? Then learn all about the advantages of smartphone rental here.

The first challenge in the acquisition of corporate cell phones, is the choice of the form of financing.

The classic procurement options, such as direct purchase, subsidization or smartphone leasing, clash with the requirements of large mobile fleets. For this reason, TKD offers your customers Managed Phone – Device as a Service. Our detailed listing of all the benefits of smartphone leasing for businesses should help you make the right choice when procuring your devices.

Your advantages

  1. Capex to Opex – Advantage for your equity ratio
    Lease contracts do not appear on your company’s balance sheet! It is only part of the profit and loss statement and therefore has no influence on the debt ratio of the company. Thus, your equity ratio is not burdened and ensures creditworthiness for future investments.
  2. Planning security through fixed monthly installments
    By signing up for the Device as a Service offer, the user secures a fixed monthly rate. This enables you as the tenant to precisely calculate the costs incurred. Once negotiated, the rate remains the same and creates planning security.
  3. Terms can be chosen flexibly
    Depending on your personal needs and requirements, rental agreements can be concluded for terms of varying lengths. A rental period of just 12 months is just as possible as a longer-term contract of 36 months. While employees who use their smartphone or tablet exclusively for private purposes usually get by with low data volumes and free minutes, commercial contracts for smartphones usually demand significantly higher and more complicated services.

    For this reason, the benefits of mobile phone contracts can be adjusted at any time. With the TKD-Managed Mobility Service , we support you in flexibly adapting your contracts. Options can be added or removed individually. Regular reports provide you with information on possible contract optimizations – always to your advantage.
  4. Sustainability and environmental protection
    By taking out a Device as a Service offer, tyou are making a significant contribution to the sustainability of your company. Our long-term rental models are sustainable and save resources. TKD supports you on the way to sustainably improving your CO² footprint. All rental equipment, as long as it is still marketable, is included in a second life cycle. Defective and unusable equipment, on the other hand, is recycled by our certified partners in order to recover valuable raw materials and precious metals and return them to the market. In this way, you can make a significant contribution to improving the sustainability of your mobile corporate communications.
  5. State-of-the-art technology
    Due to the time-limited duration of TKD Managed Phone, your employees are always equipped with the latest smart devices. When the lease expires, the smartphones are simply returned to TKD and new models with the latest technology are available to you. Here, the DIN-certified deletion of the old devices is an essential part of the return process.

    In this way, you also benefit from technical progress. As a rule, current models are better and better designed to meet the needs of companies. Innovative technologies are a security and service guarantor for companies.

    Opt for TKD’s Device as a Service offer and stay on trend.
  6. No expensive repairs
    Since smartphones are usually returned after a short period of time as part of the rental agreement, there is no need to worry about expensive repairs due to wear and tear.

    Technical defects are taken care of for all smartphones under the 24-month warranty. We even additionally extend the 12-month warranty of all Apple products to 24 months for you.

    In addition, our TKD-LifeCycle Management can be booked together with the TKD Managed Phone. With our Replace & Repair service, we keep your communication up and running even in the event of loss or self-inflicted defects. Through a well-organized hardware pooling, you always have access to replacement devices, which are ready for use in the shortest possible time through a data transfer. 24h replacement only with TKD.

    Reduce the rate of employee absenteeism due to defects and damage!
  7. No problems with the sale
    The purchase of a smartphone fleet is usually associated with the sale of the old devices. Whether the fleet is sold to individuals or a retailer, there is a tremendous amount of work involved. Companies also never receive the maximum possible price when selling their old devices.

    Avoid this risk with TKD Managed Phone and contact us for more info.

    Your smartphones will be returned to us at the end of the contract period in a straightforward and secure manner and sensitive data will be deleted in a certified manner.

    You can save yourself annoying discussions about the price of your smartphones.

Secure monetary benefits and save taxes! – Smartphone rental for your company

Whether cell phone, tablet, computer or company data processing software:

Now even more interesting from a tax perspective!

Employers can provide their employees with data processing and telecommunications devices used for business purposes tax-free. The ratio between professional and private use of your employees’ company cell phones is irrelevant! The company only needs to be registered as the lessee for the leased device. This saves the employer the wage costs for the respective employee – leaving the employee with more net income.

Let our staff advise you now on our Device as a Service offer.