Apple DEP at a glance.

What is Apple DEP?


The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Apple’s main mobile device management software, was announced in 2013 and first launched in 2014.

With Apple DEP, Apple’s former concepts for device management, such as the over-the-air management protocol, configuration profiles, the Apple Configurator Desktop program and supervised mode, were replaced and combined into one system.

With the help of DEP, Apple actively supports your company in the deployment and configuration of mobile devices. In combination with a mobile device management (MDM) solution, Apple enables automatic enrollment, configuration and monitoring of Apple devices – without setup services or the need for physical access to the device.

The Device Enrollment Program replaces tedious and time-consuming manual imaging and registration processes with so-called out-of-box experiences.

How does Apple DEP work?

Apple DEP essentially tracks that the registration of your smart devices is automated. Previous tools required users or administrators to log in through a multi-step process that required a USB connection for supervised mode. With Apple DEP, that time is over.

Your benefits with Apple DEP:

  • Automatic configuration of newly registered devices
  • Automatic registration as well as simplified integration of your MDM management
  • Complete device management via remote access (data deletion in case of loss or theft)
  • Approvals and limitations of applications on all smart devices
  • Out-of-the-box original packaged devices pre-register and your employees: inside are ready to use immediately

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