Container solution or mobile device management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) vs. Container Solution – A Question of Mobile Management Strategy

Choosing the right data protection strategy for your mobile infrastructure – we provide you with an overview.

Let’s start with a brief definition of the two most essential data protection tools for enterprise mobile fleets:


Mobile Device Management is a software solution that integrates all mobile devices used by employees for work into the corporate network.

This ensures data security and the separation of private and company data.

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Smartphone Container-Definition

Container apps can be used to secure and protect sensitive in-house data and emails on private devices (BYOD). Container apps help IT departments manage and secure sensitive corporate data without compromising user privacy.

MDM vs. containers – Find the right solution for your business.

Due to loss, corruption or destruction of data, data security is probably the biggest challenge for IT departments.
Mobile communications management offers two approaches to this problem:

Holistic overview through mobile device management systems such as “Jamf” or data focus through effective, but reduced to the essentials container apps.

Container solutions allow a fast and cost-effective introduction in the company.Compared to MDM systems, they are more flexible and can be easily adapted to existing infrastructures. In addition, the management of the app results in less effort within the IT administration.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems allow administrative staff to implement necessary mobile security policies. Container apps, on the other hand, do not relate to the control and management of the complete end device, but ensure the protection of relevant, internal data of the company.

You can think of the container as an additional room on the employee’s private device. Business applications, such as calendar, email, contact lists and Office applications are operated within the container and are separated from the employee’s public, private apps. This separation even goes so far as to prevent the contact stored in the container from being displayed in the event of an incoming call.

Only company data is stored within the container and can only be used here.



“Container apps ensure pragmatic security”

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MDM systems, on the other hand, have a broader range of functions and, if desired, full access to the device and its data. Consequently, these systems also require a higher level of user expertise in order to be able to operate and use the increased functionality.

As a rule, the different systems also serve different needs.Companies that equip their employees with company cell phones usually pursue the approach of a fully comprehensive MDM solution. The decisive factors here are the aforementioned advantages of mobile device management solutions.

The fast and flexible container app is an outstanding solution for companies pursuing a BYOD strategy.

Smartphones used in private environments must be protected by companies and appropriate data protection tools such as Container Solutions.


We also point out to you that data protection compliance should be observed to the highest degree. So hopefully the question you ask yourself here is not whether you want to introduce or enhance data protection, but HOW you want to introduce or enhance it.

Our team will be happy to inform you in a personal meeting about the legal framework and compliance obligations in the context of your mobile fleet.

If you are pursuing a BYOD strategy with your company, we have summarized the key benefits of our container apps here:

Advantages Container Apps.

  • Protection of employee privacy, as the IT department only has access to the business container
  • All private activities of the user remain private
  • Mixed use becomes easier by securing business & communication data

Container-App Secure PIM

  • User can handle standard tasks, such as business email, messaging, contacts, editing notes and documents, etc., in a secure environment
  • The user can access web pages in their own app browser in a protected environment
  • All data is encrypted and protected on the end device by password, PIN or fingerprint
  • Private and business data are separated

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