The TKD software solutions at a glance.

Manageable business processes can be planned, managed and controlled. The basis for this is an information system that provides simple, up-to-date and complete data. This is exactly what we offer you with TKD360 Datacontrol, the process platform for telecommunications.

Continuous improvement is only possible if you have accurate information and can measure and compare it. TKD.360 Datacontrol is a telecommunications information system that aggregates and connects data on employees, phone numbers, bills, usage, terminals and contracts through state-of-the-art interfaces.

Thinking in terms of processes, such as employee hiring and departures, the lifecycle of a terminal device through new purchases, repairs and replacements? TKD.360 Datacontrol is more than just an information portal, it supports them as a process platform.


Digitalization requires a high degree of electronic processes. The TKD.360 BillManager provides solutions for incoming and outgoing invoices. Invoices, credit notes and individual connections are automatically processed, checked and allocated to create maximum cost transparency for employees, responsible parties, purchasing and controlling. Accounting processes, such as vendor invoices, inter-company billing, internal activity allocation and much more, can be easily optimized and digitalized.

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