TKD Managed Phone Services

TKD Managed Phone, is a financially advantageous rental model, in the sense of use, instead of buy. An end to end lifecycle management service, of all mobile devices, within the enterprise.

In addition to smartphone rental, the Device-as-a-Service strategy, offers comprehensive full-service models, such as TKD Managed Mobility and LifeCycle Management.

“You benefit, from the flexible procurement model -.
Just use. We care!”

Device as a Service – TKD Managed Phone

Find out, what advantages smartphone rental offers you.

Managed Mobility & Mobile LifeCycle Management

Under the DaaS model, your devices are managed through the Managed Mobility, LifeCycle Management service and the TKD.360 DataControl the TKD, supports.

Managed Mobility ensures digital and optimal management of IT and process management for smartphones, tablets, landlines and and field service devices. Dedicated service managers support in all matters:

  • Proactive optimizations, of the tariff portfolios, always in favor, of the users
  • Efficient on-off boarding processes
  • Support, exchange and repairs of all devices by TKD Care

The TKD LifeCycle Management ensures the best possible set-up of all users with mobile devices and minimizes the risk of hardware failures. With TKD’s Mobile LifeCycle Management, we support the holistic process of IT asset management – from procurement, through distribution and management of mobile devices, to buyback.

We understand your needs

Expert service for your employees:

TKD Care Enterprise provides expert service and support so that issues that arise can be resolved with a single contact

  • Direct contact with experts
  • Team viewer remote support
  • Next Business Day Express exchange service


  • Data protection compliant through user approval
  • Quick and easy problem solving
  • Expert team for everything to do with your mobile devices
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