How to minimize your IT costs

Minimize IT costs – mobile communications

A reliable IT department is essential for businesses in the digital age. The IT department is responsible for a wide variety of different tasks within a company. In addition to essential areas such as managing IT systems, IT resources are also often used for business smartphone asset management and all areas related to mobile communications. From the selection of suitable mobile tariffs and hardware, to the management of mobile devices, everything is handed over to internal IT. In particular, the management of company cell phones involves a great deal of effort. From the initial configuration and the provision of appropriate accessories to the handling of defective devices, IT is usually responsible for everything. Companies are faced with the challenge of optimizing processes and reducing costs at the same time.

These are the biggest cost drivers for an IT department

  • Large variety of hardware: high storage costs due to different accessories
  • Management of large mobile fleets, without expertise
  • Manual and costly internal solutions -Loss of IT resources for your core business

Our tips to save IT costs

Focus on your core business

  • Save time (and therefore money) by using an MDM system
  • Keep your mobile IT running smoothly with a responsive RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) process
  • Compliance with data protection regulations (DSGVO) to maintain employee productivity

Effective management of mobile contracts and mobile devices

  • Use of a TEM solution – overview of benefits and costs of individual devices or users in real time
  • Automation, centralization and standardization of all administrative and financial requirements

All this, under the keyword Managed Mobility.

Mobile contract management

Regular adjustments save money!

  • Optimization and conversion of unused mobile phone contracts into more cost-effective and needs-based rates
  • Optimal use of the cell phone tariff
  • Detailed bill analyses

Hardly any market is as fast-moving as the ICT market. Regular tariff and option changes are standard. Regular tariff and option changes are standard.

The different carriers adjust their service contents and compete with each other to meet the demand.

How can you keep an overview here? – We support you

Through our partnerships with the largest network operators in Germany, we have a broad know-how and technical expertise to support your company efficiently through professional asset and contract management in a cost-saving manner.

With the help of our Mobile LifeCycle Management you get information about contract options, invoices and the integration of the data into your ERP system!

The process around the company cell phones is complex and includes the selection of the most suitable smart device as well as the selection of the most favorable tariffs.

Cost saving is the motto! Unfortunately, the process does not stop here.

Due to the data protection reform and the well-known DSGVO, it must be ensured that company cell phones of employees are used in compliance with the DSGVO and that a separation of private and professional data takes place.

We help you on this way

Our digitalized processes using our mobile LifeCycle Management platform serve as the technical basis.

Intelligent and digitally networked systems relieve the IT and optimize your work steps.

With our Mobile LifeCycle Management we support you in the holistic process – from procurement, administration and distribution of mobile devices to purchase and sale including certified data deletion of the old devices.

Our Datacontrol360 portal offers you the following options:

  • Capture, audit and analysis of all mobile invoices
  • Posting to cost centers
  • Inventory management
  • Contract and SIM card management
  • Roles and rights assignment by departments and employees
  • Migration to systems such as SAP

TKD Services – Further savings

In addition to the lowest possible tariffs and the associated cell phone costs, we ensure that you make the best use of your cell phone tariff.

You will be notified by us for unused tariff options or unused flat rates in high-dated tariffs, with the help of the invoice analyses. We are always on your side and act from the customer’s point of view.

In addition, we free you from annoying hotlines and provide you with a dedicated contact person for all concerns.

Your concern? – Our solution! Contact us now!