Managed Mobility Service

Managed Mobility is our promise – we simplify contract management and free you from annoying hotlines and waiting times. We provide a dedicated service manager for all requirements and consultations in the field of telecommunications. We keep an overview for our business customers in the jungle of tariffs and options of the various carriers.

The TKD.360 DataControl portal enables effective and efficient management of all mobile phone contracts and mobile devices. As an innovative TEM solution for large international companies, TKD.360 DataControl has already established and digitized processes in the field of mobile communications with many international market leaders.

Compared to classic Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions, TKD.360 DataControl opens up functions for the automation, centralization and standardization of all administrative and financial processes.

Administrative processes

  • Inventory management
  • Contract management
  • SIM card management

Financial processes

  • Acquisition
  • Checking
  • Analysis of all mobile phone bills
  • Posting to cost centers


Consulting – Managed Mobility

We regularly come across customers who have lost track of their current contracts It is too easy to renew existing contracts and thus maneuver themselves into a cost spiral.

Within the scope of our non-binding initial consultation, we compile an overview of all contracts. We proactively determine the needs of the employees and create a customized offer.

Hereby, we pay attention to the actual demand, in order to flexibly change to the best possible tariff.

Tariff check

Coming Soon!
Soon the interactive tariff check of TKD will be available.
TKD’s unique tariff check allows you to check your tariffs in just a few steps and immediately secure a cost saving for your company.
But until then, you have the option to use our ROI Calculator and calculate your effort for the inhouse management of your smart devices.

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