TKD 2025

The joint path to sustainable corporate communications.

Climate neutrality and sustainable corporate strategies have been important cornerstones of the TKD Group, especially since 2021.

With the TKD2025 project, TKD has set itself the goal of achieving maximum climate neutrality in all areas of the company by the end of 2025.

Together with our partners and customers, our five-person project team develops a 360° concept for the gradual reduction of the carbon foodprint and the development of the first climate-neutral corporate communication.


The journey – TKD2025

Our journey has just begun, join us!

The German Sustainability Code, or DNK for short, serves as the basis for all sustainability efforts. Companies that voluntarily join this group publish in an annual report their progress in implementing applicable principles and benchmarks of emission-free business practices.

As of 01.04.2022, TKD published its first climate report, in which all factors of sustainable corporate management were examined. In addition to the calculation of the carbon foodprintand the certified offsetting of all emissions, this also applies to other relevant aspects such asequal opportunities, employee rights, resource management and innovation & product management.

Following the annual reports, TKD presents in a transparent and comprehensible manner which new measures can be derived from the report and how past measures have been implemented.


Goals 2022

  • Annual emission savings of up to 15%.
  • Expansion of support and training opportunities for employees
  • Product development – climate-neutral corporate communication incl. Certification
  • Offset all remaining emissions

You can read about these and many more of our goals and measures in our Climate Report 2021.


Climate-neutral corporate communications

For several months, the TKD2025 project group has been working with partners and companies to develop the first sustainable corporate communications.

The focus here is on customer requirements. Our customers want to use high-end products like iPhones, Samsung smartphones & tablets while respecting your own climate efforts.

We are proud to announce that we will soon be able to present the first fully certified option for climate-neutral corporate communications.

Stay tuned


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